Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fancy Tacos

Boy these tacos are fancy! So all you ex-Californians don't expect authentic Mexican food. This is fusion food. I'm usually a big hater of fusion but I found Empellon to be creative and most of the flavours worked well together.

This is just my first look at Empellon. I plan to go back and try a few more things. So apologies for so few photos. All in all it was good. The service was the first thing we noticed. Our server was amazing. He had a strong opinion and wasn't shy to share it and at the same time was able to give us very detailed information about both the drinks and the food.

We started with this fish starter which was a bit like a ceviche but the texture was a bit weird and honestly it wasn't my favourite. We then tried one of the Queso Fundido with Shishito Peppers which was naughty and delicious. As for the tacos we tried three; the Fish Tempura, the Mushroom and Zucchini (vegetarian), and the Lamb Barbacoa. They were all good, actually the vegetarian one was our favourite by far. The fish one was good but hey what fried fish isn't. I actually prefer grilled fish tacos over fried. The lamb one was a bit overbearing but the cucumbers added nice texture. I am eager to try other tacos. All their ingredients are really interesting and seem to have enormous potential.

Until the next time I'd have to say that the cocktails really stole the show over the food. I tried a few different ones, all AMAZING. My favourite was this mezcal cocktail with celery salt on the rim. It was both smokey and refreshing. I was impressed.

Empellon Taqueria
230 West 4th Street (corner of w4th + w10th st)
New York, NY

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Best Aperitivo in Town

The Aperitivo at Ovest is no joke. Not only is it some of the best food in the city, its FREE! Everyday from 5-8pm, Ovest puts out great food for all to share. It's conveniently located a block from my work so its become my second home. My coworkers and I usually stop in for a quick bite or even an early dinner most nights after we wrap our shoots.

Here's our crew of models and photographers after a long day of shooting. They even let our little man, Carlo, the son of another art director, make his own pizza! Little Carlo made a great pie!

As you can see the spread includes great fire-roasted pizza and amazing assortments of salads and bruschetta. Their wine is good and most importantly their Italian boys who work there (all fresh off the boat from Italy, with the exception of one very cute German) are all extremely nice. We often stay for hours chatting with them while we eat and sip on great wine. Stop in and check it out, if it's a weekday I'll most likely be there.

513 West 27th St (near 10th Ave)
Aperitivo 5-8pm daily