Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Le Beau Marché

One of my favourite things in the world are open public markets. Fresh local food are sold at their finest and you can find some local specialities to bring back home. We enjoyed some little salamis while we browsed around the different sections. This tapenade was amazing, it was made with archichokes and olives. We bought a huge container and it was WAY too expensive!

French Sushi

I never thought I would be eating sushi in the south of France but low and behold it happened. This fusion sushi restaurant is located in the heart of Cannes and has some unique rolls that are very tasty! Although I don't know the full story on the chef, who is French not Japanese, but I heard he has lived all over the world and possibly learned to make sushi in Hawaii. That would explain his use of mango in some of the rolls, which is a combination I love done right. They offer you soy sauce both in regular and sweet, where they add honey to it for dipping. It definitely wasn't a traditional authentic Japanese experience but it was yummy and I was all too happy to take a break from the all-carb bread diet I was on and eat some fish!

Edo Sushi
14, rue Macé
06400 Cannes, France
+33 4 93 99 40 39

Fresh Local Food of Mougins

I was so fortunate to experience these local treats in the South of France. We had amazing cheese spreads and honey in the mornings and freshly baked bread and croissants from the local boulangeries. We ate figs every day that we picked from an enormous fig tree in the backyard that were so sweet and delicious. Flo's father, Jacquie, made us his famous "egglant caviar", where he roasted whole eggplants on the bbq and then mashes them by hand into an amazing tapenade that we ate on the bread... I SO wish I could replicate it. The secret ingredient in it is harissa, which has a very unique and distinct flavour and we put it on and in everything!

The Kabob of Cannes

This kabob hit the spot. It was so good, not too heavy but still had good amount of sauce. My girl Florence has been going to this place since she was a kid so she knows the owners so we got well taken care of. We rolled in "italian style" on our friends' scooter for a quick bite before we hit the bars for that night. There's both a sit-down restaurant and a to-go post. We ordered ours to go then ate it at the outdoor table of the restaurant.

Al Charq
20, Rue Rouaze
06400 Cannes, France
+33 4 93 94 01 76

Tea Time!

This tea house was the perfect place to stop for a quick bit. They have this great sandwich set, where you choose 2 mini sandwiches from their list of delicious sandwiches. They are famous for their tea and their iced teas were pretty amazing. One was orange-flavoured with muddled spices and the other was more mint based, both delicious and so refreshing! Great for an afternoon lunch break while window shopping down the main street of Cannes.

Volupté Tea Room
32, Rue Hoche
06400 Cannes, France
+33 4 93 38 20 41