Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh, So Juicy!

There's nothing like juicy dumplings on a cold winter day in New York! The line, which usually extends way out the door, is well worth the wait! These amazing little delights come in two varieties, pork (original) or pork + crab (remix). At first I was into the crab ones, it's definitely a stronger flavour, but now I'm back and sticking to the original. And there's a technique to eating a juicy dumpling, you have to be very careful, since the dumpling is filled with boiling hot soup inside. The local chinese tend to open a hole on the side, but we use the japanese technique, by biting the top off, demonstrated here by Yuji and Anna. Since I actually first ate juicy dumplings (shorronpo) in Japan, I stuck with this technique. I would recommend getting one order per 2-3 people, and order another dish per person from the rest of their menu. The rest of the food is also amazing and SO cheap! NB. That they recently added tip onto their bills, (sneaky) so don't tip double by accident!

Joe's Shanghai
9 Pell Street
New York, New York

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