Sunday, October 24, 2010

The New Taco in Town

This was a nice little discovery today on my walk home through Nolita. This new taco spot must have just opened because they don't even have their credit card machine running yet (although cash only is so common so it was no problem) It's a big open space like a garage with a vw van parked inside serving up some yummy tacos. The process is funny, you go in to where the juices are and buy a ticket, then take your tickets to either the taco van or the back kitchen where they are making breakfast tacos all day! They are $4 a pop and make the perfect post or pre-shopping snack. I really wanted to try the pescado but he couldn't guarantee that there wasn't any avocado in it so I steared clear! I got the pork instead and it was quite delicious and good looking! The portions are generous, all I needed was one to keep me going. I hope to back and try more soon! I hear the pescado and the chorizo breakfast taco are good. And the best part is they are open till 2am!

Fonda Nolita
267 Elizabeth Street (btwn Prince + Houston)
New York, NY

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