Sunday, January 8, 2012

Post Holiday Detox

The Christmas holidays chez moi in Vancouver is full of food. From the amazing home cooked Italian meals to the endless amount of amazing asian food, it's a foodie paradise. I can't even imagine how much Italian salami and prosciutto I must have consumed in these last two weeks, never mind all the pasta... and my dad's special homemade pizza... and all the wine to go with it! It was great but also heavy on the body.

I returned to New York feeling like a detox was in order. A 2-day juice cleanse from Juice Press seems the friendliest on the bank and I've always loved their juices and appreciated their overall style. Although the packaging is hideous, lacking even the simplest sense of design, their product is solid. I'm on the last leg on my 2 days and it's Friday night which is dangerous because I'm feeling hungry and thirsty for a cocktail. Hopefully I can restrain until tomorrow morning when I plan to indulge gently in a very satisfying Morrocan brunch at the usual spot, Café Mogador.

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