Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heavenly Cocktails

This is one of the east village's little hidden gems. Tucked away through a secret side door inside an izakaya restaurant off 9th street, is a great japanese run cocktail lounge called Angel's Share. I brought a friend there the other day who had just flown in from Tel Aviv and it was just the thing to relax on a chilly weekday night. We started by ordering 2 drinks off their regular menu. He took the Cucumber Sake martini and I the Ginger Shiso one. Both excellent, however the excitement really started when the bartender brought out a few special drinks NOT on the menu. For my friend, a very unique Ume-shu, and for me a Shiso-Shotchu, his own homemade version of "Tankatatan", which is the famous Shiso-Shochu that you find only in Japan. (pictured here) It was a great experience and I really look forward to going back. Oh and there is a trippy ceiling fresco of angels, with an asian angel baby smack in the center.

Angel's Share
8 Stuyvesant St., 2nd fl (at 9th)
New York, NY

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