Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jewish Jem of Paris!

New York slop is now in Paris. Follow along as I try to eat my way through the city!

I had been waiting almost a year to eat this bundle of joy again! It's probably the best fallafel sandwich I've ever had... (although I'm so looking forward to trying Taim in NY to compare) At L'As it's the cabbage that I love on it, two different kinds, and sliced cucumbers, which gives it a really refreshing quality. They also load on the grilled aubergines (eggplant), the creamy sauce, and the hot sauce, which gives it an awesome texture. Everyone just spills onto the streets eating them... that is after waiting in line for the fallafel itself;)

L'As du Fallafel
39 rue des Rosiers
75004 Paris

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  1. You got a falafel! I didnt even have one yet! Looks good :-)


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