Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Santoche à La Cantoche!

The newest little resto to hit the 18th arrondissment is La Cantoche du 18, which opened its door a few months ago. It is adorable, run by a local Parisian foodie who just wanted to create an expensive restaurant with good food for friends to hang out. It is conveniently located only a few minutes from Lamark station in Monmartre. We enjoyed the special friend treatment and were showered with various goodies, from tuna, to entrecote, to ratatouille! All the condiments are tucked up on a shelf that you go and get yourself, just like at home... my favourite was this "moutarde de Meaux"! There's a chalkboard in the washroom and the interior overall feels cozy and familiar. Food and wine was good and I loved the overall neighbourhood vibe.
Santoche! I miss Paris already....

* fyi, please pardon the low quality images, I am traveling and don't have my computer, no photoshop so am hacking this together big time.

La Cantoche du 18
184 Rue Marcadet
Paris, France
01 42 64 08 33

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