Friday, June 18, 2010

No More Wait for Ramen!

All my trips to Ippudo have finally paid off! I was WAY TOO excited to receive my "Black Card" this week at Ippudo. The manager, named Lighting, very officially presented me with the Black Card. I had been told that I was getting one but I hadn't been into the restaurant in a few weeks. The important thing is that the Black Card means NO MORE WAITING. The lineup at Ippudo on ANY given night is about 2 hours these days, it's crazy. You present the card when you come in and they slip you in as soon as possible. Now that's customer appreciation at it's best! I have been getting black card perks already there for some time but it's nice to be official. The card also allows you to get any toppings on your ramen for FREE and also there's a few other small special perks included too!

Ippudo Ny
65 4th Avenue (nr 10th st)
New York, NY
(212) 388-0088


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