Monday, June 28, 2010

The Yuzu Touch

It's been so hot in New York that all I want to eat is sushi. Having being spoiled by growing up in Vancouver, it's hard to justify the typical sushi prices in the city and so I'll take it any which way I can get. That's why Sunrise Market is great. It's truly Japanese and support the entire Japanese community here in Manhattan.

They have sushi, among other prepared meals available as take away. It's definitely the cheapest way to eat sushi in New York! I also bought this amazing tofu there. It's from Hokkaido and I've actually bought it in Japan! My friends there introduced me to it one time at Takeshimaya in Niko-Tama a few year back! It's so exciting to see it make it's way to NYC! It's so delicious and tastes pretty much like dessert, super fresh! I topped it off with the featured ingredient of this post... Yuzu-kosho! As you all probably already know, I love Yuzu taste. It's great with chicken especially but it can be used in soups, on tofu, and I get a little crazy and mix it with shoyu (soy sauce) instead of wasabi for dipping my sushi! It's not ideal for tuna but its great for the salmon! It adds a lovely citrus taste.

Unfortunately you can not buy the yuzu-kosho at Sunrise. This little jem of a jar comes from Japan, it was a gift from a friend of mine there. I use it sparingly but try to experiment with it on food as much as possible!

NIgiri Sushi and Tofu (from Hokkaido) can both be purchased at Sunrise.

Sunrise Mart
29 3rd Ave (between 10th St & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY

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