Monday, July 5, 2010

Cool Off at Hester Street Fair

New York was hot as hell this weekend and we finally found some relief under the shade at Hester Street Fair in the lower east side. My girl Suchin organizing this awesome event every week and invites her favourite local restaurants and store owners to participate. We spent a few hours there, snacking on all the yummy food and even did a bit of great vintage shopping! Luke's lobster rolls from the east village were there representing, along with An Choi....yah! So of course had to have both! There's was an awesome Japanese bbq stand, and a pulled pork sandwich station. There was a kimchi hotdog booth, which Suchin is chowing down on here ;) I couldn't find room for that as well, sadly... next week! These empanada boyz are serving up my new favourite lemonade, which is made fresh with mint and cucumber! Although the food was great, our biggest obsession was these homemade Mexican popsicles. They are all made with fresh fruit and are insanely delicious! We tried the watermelon, strawberry and the Tamarindo (with chili spices on top!) There were so many flavours that I can't wait to go back and try them all! It was the perfect thing to cool us down on this horribly hot day.

Hester Street Fair
Intersection of Hester Street and Essex Street
New York, NY

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