Monday, July 12, 2010

A Taste of Flushing in the East Village!

I was all too excited to find out that there is finally some serious authentic Chinese food in the east village! This famous hand-pulled noodle shop is food from the Xi'an region of China and is unlike anything I've had before. The food has unusual spices and is said to almost taste Arabic in flavour. Their original shop is in Queens and they had recently opened their first Manhattan location in Chinatown a while back, and now this East Village post! I got a few recommendations as to what to order a few days ago as well as obsessively watching all the videos on their website... so i was all too excited to try it! The space is small and I didn't have the time to sit yesterday so I took it to go, which was still great! I tried one of their most famous dishes, the Liang Pi Cold Skin Noodles and it was delicious!! You can have it spicy or not, but of course spicy was great.. lots of chili oil! I can't wait to go back and try to Lamb Spine, which I heard can be a life-changing experience!

Xi'an Famous Foods
81 St Mark's Pl (between 2nd Ave & 1st Ave)
Manhattan, NY
(212) 786-2068

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