Monday, January 17, 2011

Sandwich in the City

City Sandwich is all the rage right now. It was named one of the best hero bread in New York by Grub Street a few months back and now everyone is eating it up. Including us. Our office is located nearby so it makes for an easy delivery option. I've only tried it twice now and was semi-impressed. It's true that their combinations sound inciting and their homemade sausage and broccoli rabe is tasty, but it's just not amazing. I do want to try some of their egg sandwiches and their cod one too. The menu is all based on people names, probably their family and friends, which is super cute, and the menu is divided in 3 sections; meat, without meat, and egg-based. All colour-coded of course. The ingredients are fresh and the combinations are interesting so I'll have to try a few more to give a proper assessment. As for the bread, I prefer No.7's softer hero bread.

City Sandwich
649 9th Ave
New York, NY

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