Monday, January 17, 2011

Take the Metro North to Italy... I mean Westchester!

In the quiet town of New Rochelle lies a simple family restaurant full of some of the best italian food around. The family is from Rome and they are dishing out some tasty albeit ugly peasant food. My boyfriend knows the owners sister and got us in there. The resto only seats 38 and it is always booked. Locals frequents this spot on a regular basis and keep it packed.

There's no menu so Rina will ask you if there's anything you don't eat and start the flow of food. It was great. She first brought us simple basic grilled bread... from heaven! I don't know what is on that bread but it was amazing. Simple olive oil that must have been soaked in garlic. It comes garnished with a single clove of raw garlic on a stick that you are meant to rub all over the bread before eating. She then brought out 2 other appetizers (the size of entrees); eggplant parmiggiano and fagioli al pomodoro. Both excellent. Simple roma tomotoes bring these dishes to life. The sauce was perfect and the fagioli dish was great and have a slick kick to it! We then shared a pasta, which was a Mushroom Carbonara, but without the cream. So it was nice and light. All the dishes were simple and you could taste all the ingredients. It was great. The wine was good, I tried their own bottle that they just finished producing. We got a bottle to bring home too. We ended on a piece of tiramisu, which was not the prettiest one you've ever seen. Rina told me that her tiramisu is often called ugly but she doesn't care. Neither did we. We loved the ugly and extremely tasty tiramisu. I left feeling part of the family and can hardly wait to go back again.

One note, I recommend going on the early side (you need to reserve ahead btw) because the last trains out of New Rochelle are 10:30pm then midnight, nothing in between and nothing after.

211 Main Street
New Rochelle
(914) 235-4595

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