Thursday, March 31, 2011

Soho's New Kitchen

I had the most interesting Saturday last weekend. I starting chatting with these three older Italians on the subway and they invited me to join them for a most lovely and leisurely lunch in Soho. They took me to David Burke's new restaurant in Soho called Kitchen. The space was nice enough although surprisingly it wasn't very busy. The building itself is really nice and stands out on the corner of Grand and 6th avenue.

I think these italians are big in the art world here because even though it was their first time there, the staff seemed to know who they were. They frequent David Burke's other restaurant on the regular. As soon as we sat down we were presented with flutes of Prosecco. We then ordered bloody mary's and a great bottle of vino from California. It was probably the best bloody mary i've ever had. It had roasted okra in it and the flavour was awesome! There were these lovely starters, one was duck paté and the other a ricotta eggplant spread. For my main I had this very pretty crab cake dish. It tasted really fresh and had a lovely flavour. There were these cold poached prawns on the side that would really light and refreshing. I really enjoyed the food.

The service however was not good. The italians were not impressed since they are used to superb service and dine exclusively at some of the top restaurants in New York. The one woman's food got mixed up and the espressos arrived late and not up to their taste. So we decided to go to their friend Emilio's restaurant after to have a proper espresso with grappa!

It was nice to meet new people and to dine in such a civilized way. The experience took place completely in (broken) italian (mixed with french) It was a fun challenge for me. It was a really nice treat on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

23 Grand Street ( + 6th Ave)
New York, NY
(212) 201-9119

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