Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Good Guys

You're craving a burger... you're are way on the west side of Midtown... and the line up at Shake Shack is always too long... what to do? Never fear, Five Guys is near.

I have been avoided this place like the plague. Everyone I work with always grabs it to go and eats it in the office. It looked like my worst fast food nightmare... cheap, decent but nothing outstanding. I had heard that exact feedback, that the burger is just... okay. I don't like okay, especially with burgers. It's like a croissant, I don't eat them unless I know it's going to be good. If I'm gonna slap a stick of butter on my ass, it better well be worth it! I stand by this same philosophy for burgers. It's not exactly a lunch without consequence. It's not the healthy choice, so it better taste amazing. I pride myself in finding those gem burgers in the city and try to only treat myself to those once and a while.

None the less, I did go in (without any expectation) to try the burger at Five Guys and it was good! It fits all my requirements of squishy bun, american cheese, mayo (or special sauce) and pickles! The menu is customizable, which I love. You can add or take away from their master list of condiments and toppings. The place, which is less than inspiring is a well functioning operation. All in all, I really enjoyed my burger. Fries, which everyone raves about, are not worth noting. Then again I don't really like fries.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries
316 West 34th Street
New York, NY
(212) 564-6115 ‎

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