Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thirsty for Spring

The spring that is supposed to be here by now (and isn't) is in full effect at Elsa. They just updated their menu yesterday to include some amazing new spring cocktails. They have kept some favourite on the menu, like the S.M. Jenkins and have added a whole slew of new ones. I asked which were the most amazing and they were all too happy to point out the 3 or 4 not to be missed. The first one I tried was a habanero tequila-based one which was nice and spicy. It was topped with cilantro which make it surprisingly savory. Not even a drop of sweetness. Then I tried this caraway-infused rye drink, (pictured below) which was unreal. It was the first cocktail on the menu and it was delicious! I have yet to be disappointed with Elsa (during the week). Their staff is so friendly and their cocktails are on point. It's probably my favourite bar in the east village.

217 East 3rd Street (btwn ave A + B)
New York, NY

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