Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crack Chicken

My friend Do introduced me to "crack chicken" which is the Korean version of fried chicken. Do, who is Korean, and another friend of gave this chicken its awesome nick name because its so addictive! It's basically deep fried and possibly lightly battered which give it this amazing crunchy texture. There are a few varieties of the chicken you can get, we got the special spicy one. It was pretty spicy but super good! There are 2 locations in New York. The original location, called BonChon is in Korean town, which we went to first, but the wait was over an hour and it was full of this annoying midtown weekend crowd. So we headed down to their other location in the east village, called Boka, where there was no wait! Although I did prefer the interior and crowd a the east village location, the food was not as good. Do said the chicken at Boka was good, but the other things we ordered (kimchi soon doobu and seafood pancake) were not. So we plan to hit up the original BonChon this week after work to compare!

9 St. Marks Place
(between 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave)
New York, NY
(212) 228-2887


  1. I've been meaning to go to Bon Chon for ages. I didn't even know they had a sister branch. Damn... I love you're blog... makes appreciate food all the more! keep it up!

  2. sweet!! let's go this week! it's awesome! I want to hit up the original location in K-town. Tell me when you can go and we'll get a crew together and hit that up asap! x


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