Sunday, April 5, 2009

Super Cheap, Super Taste!

Nothing like exploring Chinatown on a Saturday afternoon. James, who grew up in Hong Kong, knows all the Chinese spots in NY and he took me to this amazing little street in Chinatown where all the restaurants are from this one Northern region of Mainland China. He pointed out several great hidden places that serve very traditional fish ball and medicinal soups along the way. We landed at this hand-pulled noodle place called Super Taste, which is probably the only restaurant on that street that has been noticed by the food critics. That said, it feel VERY local, full of local Chinese and no other foreigners but us in there. I guess the taste isn't for everyone, the menu is mostly made up of weird meat soups and there's really only one thing to order on the menu to suit a first time foreigner such as myself. (although I always done to try crazy stuff =) The taste of the soup was really good, just perfectly spicy. The noodles, which are hand made by this old guy in the kitchen are really great. This bowl of noodles, which comes in a weird plastic container is only $4.75.

Super Taste Restaurant
26 Eldridge St # N
New York, NY
(212) 625-1198

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