Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Fuzzy Peach

My girl Hannah was in town from Toronto so I joined her and her crew for some eats at Ssam bar in the east village. I have a love hate relationship with all the Momofuku restaurants. I really love their interiors and overall ambience, but the food is tricky. I love the overall combinations and ideas of the dishes but overall hard to say if the tastes work for me. I am a purist when it comes to food. I guess I like Japanese food to be authentic Japanese food and Korean food to be authentic Korean food. The food at Momofuku always seems to me to be Korean-inspired fusion food with a Japanese name. (or in this case south east asian?) Overall the food is always fine, as it should be for the hefty prices, but there usually hasn't been anything that has blown me away. This time however was a surprise, this little side dish of roasted brussel sprouts BLEW ME AWAY! I might go there just to order those, and the pork buns that are always tasty.... but hey who doesn't love fatty pork belly in a yummy soft bun! Some of the other things we tried included the calamari, the hanger steak and the kimchi and pickled vegtable plate, which is a staple there and really solid. I recently read an article about David Chang, the Chinese-American chef behind the Momofuku restaurants, where he really down-played his fancy cuisine calling it "American food", which I thought was funny and kind of refreshing.

Ssam Bar
207 2nd ave (corner of 13th st)
New York, NY


  1. Have you tried the cereal milk from their bakery?

  2. no, but im dying to go the bakery.... bet its great! maybe i'll try tomorrow ;)


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