Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cambodian Catfish.

I have been meaning to check out Num Pang for some time now. It's another Vietnamese, pardon me, Cambodian sandwich shop near my place. Although the name and guy behind Num Pang is Cambodian, it does takes and feel like a banh mi so I put it in my line up of vietnamese sandwiches. Since coming back from Colombia, where I ate fish every meal, I've been trying to stay off meat so I tried the peppercorn catfish sandwich. It was awesome! The taste of the fish really came through. They use a special mayo sauce, which makes it really different from the vietnamese style and it has a huge cucumber pickle it in which was a nice fresh touch! It's basically a to go stand but they have a cute this seating area upstairs which I found to be a huge bonus, because I hate eating on the street. One thing to note though is that is it not cheap....all the sandwiches are around $7.50 and they are really small! It was actually the perfect size for me, because I usually only eat half a banh mi sandwich, but for those of you looking for a good size portion, this probably is more of snack stop for you.... but a yummy snack at that!

Num Pang
21 east 12th Street
New York, NY

Num Pang on Urbanspoon

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