Wednesday, May 27, 2009

That Baoguette is Packed!

A few weeks back a few of us from work decided to do the 10-15 minute trek to Baoguette to try their vietnamese sandwiches. A whole crew from Anna's work did the same and we met there. My first trip I tried the original pork banh mi, which was good but a bit too rich with the paté...i would try it again I think it just wasn't working well with my massive hang over I had that day=) I went back the next week and tried the catfish which I heard was amazing.... and it was! They ask you if you want it spicy, and usually I would say yes, but in the case of the catfish no need since it already packs a lot of heat as is. I think Baoguette is a good deal, prices are low and taste is really good. They just opened a new location near my house in the east village and I have yet to try their sandwiches. I did try their summer rolls and sadly there were not that good =(

61 Lexington Ave (between 25th St & 26th St)
New York, NY
(212) 532-1133


  1. Now that first one looks like a good fucking sandwich that doesn't fucking skimp on the fucking cheap-meat. Now that's the kinda fucking sandwich I could make love to.

    (Diss to 9th Street for switching beans)

  2. yes, i changed the header pic... just for you anonymous aka potty-mouth!

  3. i like the last picture the bald guy looks like he's the lookout for a drug deAL

  4. what kinda camera u usin? pics are pretty dope

  5. totes...thx, im using the Ricoh GR2


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