Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chinese Food Done Japanese Style.

I thought I would never actually try this place because my Japanese friends say that the ramen isn't good here. However they did tell me that some of their other food is decent, their fried rice in particular. So instead we went there to eat Chinese food. Not really, it happened more by coincidence. My friend Nick and I weren't all that hungry so we decided it best to share a few things, and not their ramen, which they are known for. We had the "green fried rice", which was fried rice with tsukemono, which are japanese pickles, and the "mabo tofu", which is basically a traditional standard chinese dish. They were both delicious, especially the fried rice, with its unique taste from the very japanese special ingredient. I would definitely recommend Menkui-Tei for these dishes, but can't speak to the ramen. I'm sure I will try it one day soon.

63 Cooper Sq (near St. Marks)
New York, NY
(212) 228-4152


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  2. reveal your identity, then i'll tell you! ;)


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