Saturday, December 26, 2009

Better With Burata

I'm always a huge fan of any burata on the menu and the new restaurant in San Francisco, Beretta, has a burata option on their maragarita pizza...nice! The pizza was good but not amazing is sort of their speciality but I was actually more impressed by their small plates and sides... and dessert! We tried a few things to start but the one that stuck out for me was the saba radicchio, which was an unusual combination. I'm a huge radicchio fan but it is an acquired taste.. and I guess I could say the same for saba (mackarel)... but wonderful combination! The other thing to note is that they are way (too) proud of their cocktails, which they take very seriously. They are good but it did bother me that all 3 of our cocktails, which should have been dramatically different in taste, were all served in the same glass and had a similar texture to them... almost as if they had been beat with a wisk. The dessert we had however was AMAZING! It was olive oil ice cream and it was covered in extra virgin olive oil and finished with a nice sea salt. I'm not even a dessert person but this is for sure my kind of dessert! I did really love the interior and overall vibe of the place. We dined at their communal table which was great. I sadly did not make it to Flour & Water, but I really look forward to trying their pizza there.

1199 Valencia Street
San Francisco
(415) 695-1199

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