Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Most Delightful Den

Chef Hirata took me on another amazing food adventure... for more sushi of course! He only likes the best so hard to say no to that! I was more than pleased with the fish and quality of Sushiden. It's up there in midtown and on par with the rest of those high end very Japanese sushi spots. The chef takes care of everything so we are getting the best of the best that night. I even got a special toro maki surprise. We started with chawan-mushi, which is also one of my favourites, it's an egg custard with seafood and mushrooms carefully cooked inside. It's a delicate dish that I've heard is very difficult to make. It's so special and this one had small chestnuts hidden inside! We drank wonderful shotchu and enjoyed some great desserts. One was tempura ice cream and the other (my favourite) a shiso sorbet. It's so refreshing and really cleanses the palette after all the amazing fish. It's my idea of a happy ending!

19 E 49th St (& Madison Ave)
New York , NY

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