Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Rare Russian Treat

We celebrated Nicole's (and another girl Anna, who is Russian's) birthdays at Rasputin in Brighton Beach for an special Russian feast! The meal, which seemed never-ending is crazy in itself, served banquet style by very Russian boys. Boris took good care of us, and the vodka was ever flowing. The food was meant to be traditional but with a fusion flair. I can't say that it was amazing but in general the whole experience was pretty amazing. It's like a feast, that turns ghetto-style Cirque De Soleil meets a Russian nightclub or discoteca. There were several performances between the main courses and dessert and then the whole place turns into a dancing club. We all got decked out in our best slutty outfits (think sequence, and fishnet stockings) and trekked it an hour from Manhattan on the train (several trains) all the way to Brighton beach. And by the way we were all in 4 inch heels... ouch! That said it was SO worth it, and I would highly recommend it for large groups (there was about 12 of us!) It's about $100 a person, for food, show etc. We brought our own vodka and I believe some was also provided. Either way straight vodka all night guarantees a huge hangover the next day.
Na zdorovia!

2670 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 332-8111

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