Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cool Coffee

When I first walked into Four Barrel it didn't feel typical San Francisco, and I wondered if there was a hipster convention going on. But after being "up and downed" by several of them as we came through the door, it all of a sudden felt very San Fran. After being away for over 2 years I really realized the difference in the people. I miss New York already. Anyway, the crowd was a bit like Ritual with a touch of New York flavour about it... or I think I should say with a dash of Williamsburg. Modern with dark metal details and yet warm with exposed wooden beams. The space is great, I really loved it. The lights are beautiful and apparently designed by a local guy. There's been a handful of these new coffee shops popping up all over San Fran and it's great to see how good they look. Oh and the coffee was great too. Watch out Blue Bottle!

Four Barrel Coffee
375 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA
415) 252-0800

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