Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ball Obsession

I'm so happy to be back in New York and it's time to start eating my way through 2010!

I can't believe this place has been across the street from me and I haven't been once!... until now. I walk by this little food stand every day thinking I will get it but since it's a takeaway spot I just end up always going home instead. It's hard to believe because I absolutely LOVE Japanese food, especially okonomiyaki, yakisoba and takoyaki, which is what they serve!

It was a cold rainy day before the holiday and I decided to finally try it and ordered a okonomiyaki-yakisoba combination. I brought it home and ate it there. (sorry I devoured it before I took photos!) It was super good! Okonomiyaki is a japanese pancake. There are actually a few different styles of okonomiyaki in Japan; the most common is the one they serve here which is Osaka or Tokyo-style, which has all the ingredients mixed together in the pancake mix and then grilled all together. The other distinct style is from Hiroshima and is more like 2 thinner pancake layers and all the fillings are inside like a sandwich. Takoyaki is a common street food in Japan and also commonly eaten during hanami (cherry blossom festival). It brings back so many fond memories of being in Tokyo with my friends drinking sake and eating takoyaki balls under the blossom trees. The yakisoba was really delicious too, nice and pan-fried served with ginger and nori on top. Can't wait to go back again and indulge again! I miss Japan.

236 East 9th Street (nr 2nd Ave)
New York, NY
(212) 353-8503

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