Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Comfort Food

Since it's so cold in New York I decided to run home today and warm up by making one of my favourite winter foods, risotto! As a kid I always loved watching my dad make the risotto's every Sunday for lunch. He would usually make this one, which we called simply "green risotto". So it's probably still my favourite one. It's very simple, just sauté sweet yellow onions in olive oil and add fresh spinach (or anything green) ... and of course add a bit of butter and parmesano at the end to give it a nice flavour and a little thickness... that's the comfort bit. It's so nice to enjoy a little warm risotto with a nice glass of vino. I recommend a nice cortese in the summer for lunch and a nice barbera for dinner in the winter. Unfortunately I am detoxing after the holiday madness and didn't have a drop of wine with my risotto tonight. So sad.

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