Thursday, January 21, 2010

The New Gitane

A few of us girls had a lovely night out at the new Cafe Gitane located inside the recently revived Jane Hotel. The manager took good care of us and we had a great table in the back. The space is beautiful, they've done a really great job with it. The servers are outfitted in stripes, how French! Our server, Frankie was shy and so adorable, we all wanted him for dessert! The food was good as usual, the menu is the same as the original. Try their fresh juices, watermelon and cucumber mint, they taste great with vodka. A full bar is a major difference from the old Gitane, which is a nice addition. We had a pre-cocktail, after a bottle of wine before we hit the town for the evening. It wasn't very busy for a weekend, I had been there the weekend before too and same situation, a bit quiet. Maybe people are still reluctant to trek it to the west village and the weekend tourists crowd haven't seemed to have discovered it yet, which is good, for us.

Café Gitane
113 Jane Street
New York, NY 10014

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  1. Cool! I stayed at the Jane last time I was in NY. Cute little rooms, especially since you don't spend much time in your room in NY. It was before this place was opened. Now I want to go back. Looks fab!


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