Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Forza Roberta!

So I finally made it to Roberta's. We were VERY ambitious and showed up with 7 people on a Saturday night. We knew we would wait and we were ready for it. Well at least we thought we were. We waiting a good 2.5 hours to finally eat... maybe more. It's a great space and I do think it was worth the wait. It felt like every hipster in all of New York was there on the scene. I'd much prefer to go next time on a week day, but it was great.

The pizza was very good. I actually had a "gout deja-vu", which is when i taste a memory... when the pizza is good, it reminds me of Italy. I can feel it. And I felt it. It's when the crust gets just burnt enough and you get that taste, that Italia taste. I really liked the margarita and this kale sausage one. We also ordered a 3 cheese, which I did NOT like at all. It had way too much pepper on it, and I think it was even white pepper, which has that weird powdery texture... not my cup of tea at all. I found it to be barely edible. Everything else was really good. The appetizers were fantastic! Especially this huge thinly sliced white radish... I'm blanking on the name right now (boy I am tired :) but it was great! This big and quite rarely done piece of meat is venison, which I was told was amazing. Their menu and dishes are very unique. I really look forward to going back to try more of their mains and pastas.
I really want to come back in the summer and sit in the backyard for brunch.

261 Moore Street
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 417-1118

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