Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Get Duck and Dirty

This duck broth is no joke. I had read about it on blogs but had been hesitant to try it. I'm not a big duck head although I do love the occasional duck dumplings at Dim Sum Go Go. This little Thai fusion restaurant on 9th Avenue has been really surprising me lately. I'm been meeting my friend Karin there on average once a week so far. It's really good. It's not always as good but overall it's good. They have a well-priced lunch special which is great. So far I've tried about 4 different things, all good. My favourite so far, beside his soup, is the shrimp pad thai, SO moist and delicious! I might even get it tomorrow! There's not a lot of good restaurants near my work so this is a real gem in comparison. The duck meat, which was good, was not my favourite part, but rather the broth that was so delicious. It's dark, strong flavour feels surprisingly light and the noodles which are thin egg noodles don't leave you feel overly full. It was a nice balance of textures and flavours, I highly recommend it.

462 9th Avenue (nr. 36th st)
212) 971-8530

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