Monday, February 7, 2011

Oji-san Oden Party

Last weekend my friend Masako invited me to her friends place for an Oden party! I love love Oden so I was all too eager to participate in the festivities. It's the perfect healthy winter food in my opinion. There were 5 of us, it was great! There was the most amazing sushi spread as appetizer, with some of the freshest uni I've ever had! We used this spicy yuzu kocho on the salmon sashimi and it was amazing!

The oden was great too, a lot of different things in there. It was basically an oji-san style meal... throw in as much as possible; a million kinds of fish cake, seafood, mochi, daikon, cured eggs... all the fixings... and of course with the most important ingredient, the karashi (mustard) on the side!

Thanks so much for having me and can't wait till the next one! ごちそさまでした!

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