Monday, February 7, 2011

A Juicy Burger Your Highness?

Hell ya! As you might have read I've been obsessively trying to find the best burger in the East Village. It's a tough one... After FINALLY trying Royale, it's even tougher. Royale as promised, was VERY good! Better than Brindle room and Blk Mrk though? That is the question... I really enjoyed this burger big time. The fact that all they really have is burgers and blood mary's just makes me love them more. This was the ultimate after a late night of drinking.... walking up on Ave C to the sign which simply read "All you really need is a burger and a bloody mary"... and I was like... YES! it's as if they read my mind and held their arms out to me, "come inside!" It was truly a beautiful moment. Maybe it's because I'm listenning to the perfect soundtrack (the Morning Benders) while writing this entry but it's all just coming together. All in all this is definitely one of the best burgers in the East Village.

157 Avenue C
New York, NY
(212) 254-6600

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