Sunday, February 19, 2012

Go Dutch

With the same chef as Locada Verde and a critics pick on NY Magazine, I knew the Dutch had to be solid. Emily and I were shopping around Soho one day and looking for a spot to kill an hour where we could get a decent cocktail and a small snack. It was perfect. I heard about their mini oyster po'boy sandwiches so we ordered 2 of those. They were actually the smallest sandwiches I have every seen but surprisingly just the right amount of food. You only really need a bite of anything deep-fried. We shared the beet salad as well. The cocktails were great too. I love me my dark drinks; whisky, bourbon, bitters... they had a great cocktail list. It was all delicious.

The Dutch
131 Sullivan St. (nr. Prince St.)
New York, NY

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