Saturday, June 6, 2009

Get Your Fresh Fish On!

That is if you can afford it! I've been meaning to try this place forever but could never justify the prices. Being from Vancouver where premium sushi is similarly priced to bread, its hard to imagine spending $4-$7 for a piece of fish.

That said the sushi at Kanoyama was among the best I've had in a while. All the fish we tried was good, but the salmon was AMAZING! It melted in my mouth like butter. After one piece of it, you didn't care about the price and we order 4 more! I started out with a special miso soup, with nameko mushrooms, they are the super slimy japanese mushrooms that apparently become a thickening agent when cooked. It was really good and had that smokey earthy taste that I sometimes find particular to food from Kyoto. Although we were a bit weirded out by the heavy textured, yet extremely beautiful, wooden spoon! I also tried the fresh yuba with uni. I LOVE yuba, which is actually the skin that comes to the surface of boiling water while making tofu. It is almost always served cold. This one was prepared cold and very fresh, it was more like pudding or custard. It's definitely an acquired taste and the salt flavour of the uni (sea urchin) on top really helps to give it a strong flavour. This vegetarian roll was particularly interesting, it was made completely of japanese pickles and it looked beautiful.

The crowd however was really off because although its located in the heart of the east village most people who live here I guess don't go, so it was full of all these older suits. It's unfortunate because it created a weird vibe and you didn't feel like you were in your hood anymore. It felt more like the japanese restaurants in midtown. Shame. All in all it was a great experience and the food was good. I look forward to going back once I land that fat paying job. Just kidding, I'm sure I'll cave in and be back in a week to sit at the sushi bar!

175 2nd Ave (at 11th st)
New York, NY

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