Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pig's Head Anyone?

I was really lucky to get invited to the soft opening of Breslin to sample some of the Brits' favourite foods. The Breslin, which I think is now open to the public is located inside the new Ace Hotel. The chef from the very famous St. Johns in London was there for the opening standing around all proud in his St. John's apron. I was invited by two friends visiting from London that know the food industry. My friend James was there by chance too, so he joined our table and we ended up making friends with our neighbours too and all shared our food. This way we really had a chance to sample everything on the menu, including their famous dish, the pigs head! It was sure a lot of work but tasty enough. We had the marrow and terrine for starters, both fine. For mains we tried the pork belly, halibut and quail dishes. British food in general isn't really my cup of tea but we had a lovely time sampling the menu and enjoying each others company.

The Breslin
20 w. 29th Street (at Broadway)

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