Monday, October 5, 2009

My Dear Delmano

Hotel Delmano is still one of my favourite bars, despite the bad luck I seem to always have there. Maybe a ghost that's out to get me haunt's that place. The first time I went there, the ladder behind the bar tried to kill me, somehow falling off its track and landed an inch away from my face. This time the bartender repeatedly spilt drinks all over me. At least we got free drinks out of it! Regardless of my usual mishaps here, I love love this bar. It's so cozy and full of attractive and interesting people. The interior is really beautiful and their cocktail menu is great. I tried two different ones this time, both based on the Old Fashion, with elements of bitters. I've always loved any drink with bitters, guess it feels nostalgic after growing up with campari & soda as an aperitif before dinner. The bartender was surprised by my love of "boy drinks" and actually Josh Hartnett, who happened to sit next to us, decided to order my drink after I recommended it to him. Guess I do drink boy drinks after all ;)

Hotel Delmano
82 Berry Street (& North 9th)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

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