Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chinatown Escapade

Nothing like a relaxing Sunday in Chinatown. It starts with a very late dim sum party with friends. The whole crew came out and we wined (yes white wine to precise) and dined for hours. A few of us then strolled the lively streets of Chinatown and picked up a wonderful vietnamese coffee at the local favourite spot, Cong Ly. That place is dirty and amazing, but the guy took such care in making our coffees. It was just the jolt we needed before strolling into Lucky... something, on Christye street. Nicholas needed his favourite mapo tofu, so he picked it up to go. I checked out the hanging ducks and the fish in the back, that were staring at me in a very special way :) I love it! I could do that every Sunday. It's so raw and real there. Kind of the essence of New York really. I love New York.

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