Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Little Duck With Your Poutine?

I read about this poutine a few months ago in the best things to eat in NY Magazine's top things to eat in NY this year. Since I'm Canadian finding good poutine at all in New York is a challenge. I was sure the chef must be Canadian. But turns out he's not, I'm not even sure he's been to Canada. He's from Oklahoma and although he told us he is experimenting with a few different types of cuisine, he seems partial to French. Jeremy, the chef was really sweet and came out to say hello and offered us a great tasting menu option. Sadly most of us were hungry enough for that and it after all it was really just a Duck Poutine Party. I had decided to organize it as such with about 10 of my closest foodie friends and it was a huge success! We did it on a cold quiet Sunday night, so the tiny restaurant was all ours! They had great sangria, mulled wine, and salads and starters... the beet and kale salads were both great. The Moules et Frites were also excellent, he had one of his assistant chefs, who is mexican, throw in some of his own spice, which really gave it a whole other dimension from the traditional french dish.

The Poutine itself was topped with duck confit. The cheese were made with cheddar curds, which apparently I leaned are meltier than the typical Quebecois type. The taste was also slightly stronger. The gravy was nothing like traditional poutine gravy, it was thin and more like a "jus". It actually seems appropriate in this case though because the taste of the duck is heavy and can overpower the dish, so I can't imagine a heavier gravy on it. So although this poutine was nothing like the poutine I grew up with, it was great and very tasty! It's a sweet little place and I'm looking forward to trying more on the menu. Chef Jeremy told us he will be starting a fresh donuts and individually-brewed coffee in the mornings very soon.

Brindle Room
277 East 10th Street
New York, NY
(212) 529-9702

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