Monday, November 29, 2010

An Epic Feast

I always love thanksgiving here in the U.S. because it's really a time of coming together for me and my friends. I think it's often because many of us are foreign and don't have our family around us so we all bond together as our own family here in New York. This is only my second Thanksgiving here in NY and once again it was so wonderful. The lovely Nicole made a wonderful turkey (with a very special rub on it) I can't say what exactly was rubbed onto that bird but it was slightly spicy and delicious! My leftovers, which I've been eating since Thursday, are just as tasty! Shawnelle brought over some very exciting sides! One was a cauliflower puree, to replace potatoes, and they were define! I'd take those over potatoes any day! She also made an awesome creamed spinach with manchego! It was very addictive, I couldn't stop eating it! Sarra put her touch on everything, especially the idea to add baby artichokes and biscuits to the menu, which was such a nice treat and looked beautiful on the plate. She also made a lovely dessert. It was a really special and delicious meal. We then passed out around the apartment from all the wine and turkey. It was just as it should be.

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