Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh Oh Oden!

Oden is one of my favourite japanese dishes. It's extremely healthy and really reminds me both of Vancouver and of course, Japan. I was delighted to find it on Ippudo's menu last week. I asked of course if this is a new addition and it is. It will only be available for the winter season. Since it's probably not a popular dish there, they don't give all the options normally offered with a typical oden experience but none the less, the broth was dead on, and the two different types of fish cake in the dish were pretty amazing and no doubt freshly-made there. There was a large wonderful daikon piece and some interesting slimy yet crunchy noodles on the side. It came as it should with mustard on the side that you add to flavour the broth to your taste. I was so happy. I must add this was the first time that I didn't eat ramen at Ippudo! (which was hard) but time to branch out and get healthy before the holiday season :) ohh and btw, the wait is still over 2 hours on a Saturday night! (of course not with the black card :)

65 4th Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 388-0088

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