Sunday, November 28, 2010

Get Jigae!

The winter to me is all about Kimchi Jigae!... and Shabu Shabu... but that's later this week :) Korean food has always been one of my favourites and there's nothing quite like a boiling bowl of Kimchi Jigae or Tofu Soon Doobu. This is actually Soon Doobu, but it's got a lot of kimchi in it, and just has a slightly thicker consistency than the jigae they make here. It sort of depends were you go. Other spots I love in K-town made their jigae a little thicker and some are too thin sometimes. This spot is known for their soft tofu so it's a good bet to order something with tofu in it. I've always loved this resto because there's tons of koreans (good sign) but also a nice mix of non-koreans. It has a nice casual atmosphere unlike some of the other fancier and often over-priced spots. We also had the dolsop bim bim bop... although one of my favourites. I love it when it all gets crunchy on the bottom!

Seoul Garden Natural Tofu
34 West 32nd St # 2 (second floor)
New York, NY

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