Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paris Special: Chez Omar

This Moroccan restaurant is a local favourite in Paris. It is the Cafe Mogador of Paris à mon avis. Apparently during fashion week its mental and on any given night the line can be up to 10-15 people waiting. Omar is the man behind the resto, he's sweet and he runs a tight crew of Parisien Moroccan's as his staff. Mehdi is very at home here, they call him family and we were treated like gold. The food was excellent. It was very simple and straight forward; perfectly cooked couscous, delicious sauteed vegetables sauce and juicy meats. The merguez was insane. Mix together on your place et voila! Tous va bien... total happiness!

Leonard joined up to eat and we devoured more meat while finishing up every drop of wine. We ended our meal on the most delicious Morrocan mint tea I've ever had. Life is good and Chez Omar life is even better.


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