Wednesday, May 16, 2012

French Countryside Special: Påté Paradise

Pate is the name of the game in the french countryside. We are currently in the heart of France, smack dab in the center or the country... en Creuse. With over 10 varieties, this was definitely the largest selection of patés that I've ever seen. We picked up some "pate de tete" (made up of all the parts of the head), some "grillons"(basically fat), boudin noir (blood sausage) and saucisson (sausage). We trotted off (no pun intended) to get a fresh baguette from the boulangerie down the road.  The beauty of a small country town is that every you need is within a few steps walk from each other.

We ate loads of it before our main course of roasted chicken and patates frites. Then we finished the rest off for lunch today with our boudin noirs. I'll post a photo soon enough.

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