Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bienvenue à Paris: Pas De Progrés

I'm so happy to be in Paris! I plan on documenting at least a few of my meals while here.

My boy Mehdi was so sweet to pick me up from the aiport and we ran to the closest spot for a decent meal. Le Progrés in the Marais is full of hipsters and the perfect place to people watch. I ordered a Croque Madame and was clearly too hungry to even take a picture! Mehdi's Entrecote looked delicious as well.  Only problem is the service, as in most of Paris, was very slow. It took forever to order, forever to get the food, and forever to get the bill. Each time one of us would come back from the washroom, we would ask each other " Est-ce qu'il y a de progrés?" and the answer was "pas de progrés... " haha. It was a funny joke because the place is called "progress" in french and there was clearly no progress.

I usually ends many nights there on the heated terrace, sipping on a glass of wine. Leonard and I ended up there the other night, again people watching. (Leonard, insert the photo you took here ;)

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