Monday, May 7, 2012

Tap This

This is definitely the new tapas in town. The wait is usually about 2 hours on any given night. Luckily Erika and I were able to get down there early one day after work and slipped in after only a 20 minute wait. It was great. The food is interesting, colourful, and more importantly, delicious. We ordered too much food but we were also happy to try so many different things. Sadly I only have a few photos (while the natural light was still available) Once the food started coming, it was too dark to capture the dishes. I look forward to going back again soon. We tried everything from the deviled eggs, to this fresh sardine salad, to brussels sprouts to the lamb dish. We got a really good sampling of most of the menu.

359 6th Avenue
 New York, NY
(646) 559-9909

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