Saturday, March 28, 2009

Malaysian Madness

After eating in all week, we were super excited to have a dinner out! Anna and I met up with Jeremiah and his brother at our favourite Malaysian restaurant, Nyonya. It's cheap, conveniently located in Soho and its big so you never have to wait. We got a bit overly excited and ordered a lot of food! We tried some new dishes by recommendation of our server, who was this impatient older woman who told us complete confidence, that "this one is the best!"... and they were! We started off with the curry Roti appetizer, which is a staple there, and also the fried shrimp puffs. Then we tried this crazy chicken dish, were they grind together chicken and shrimp and reshape it into the shape of a chicken cutlet and then its served cut up with a sweet chili sauce. The texture was definitely weird but the taste was great! Next is the "Sizzling Nyonya Tofu" dish which was very saucy and yummy, and had some nice mushrooms and vegetables in there. Other dishes included the green beans in shrimp paste, Malaysian style and these naughty beef chow fun noodles beef. All yummy! I also like to have a fresh coconut juice there, which comes in a real coconut! It's so fun and you can pretend your own vacation, which I especially like! Then once you finish the juice, you ask them to cut it up for you and you can scoop out the insides. It almost doubles up as a dessert...good value! But no, we didn't stop there, we had to have dessert, and not one, but TWO! And just in case I hadn't had enough coconut after OD-ing on the fresh coconut, we thought we'd just go coconut crazy and order more coconut for dessert! We had "the best" dessert on the menu, which was the coconut pudding. It was insane, they make this awesome light pudding out of the coconut water and coconut milk (I think) so it's not overly creamy. Then it's put it back into the coconut and chilled. Oh and it comes with pink umbrellas on top, which is always a bonus! We ended off on a second dessert, called the peanut butter pancake. We asked the lady what it was and her response was "peanut and butter" oh and deep fried! Sounded perfect and it was! It was very nutty and wonderful! All in all this was a very successful meal at Nyonya and I highly recommend it for cheap good eats!

194 Grand St (btwn Mott and Mulberry)
New York, NY

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