Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home Cooking: Giuseppe's Meat Sauce

My dad, named Giuseppe, made this pasta sauce for our family every week during the winters. Ever since I
was a little girl, I loved watching my dad cook. I would peer over his shoulder to see what kinds of crazy secret ingredients he was throwing in! The beauty of it is he would never use any recipe so the whole experience was really freeform. I have therefore adopted the same technique and thoroughly enjoy making it now! The sauce
is typical northern Italian style since my family is from Torino. My special ingredients here are these amazing whole peeled tomatoes which I think are the best and this wild dried oregano, which I found at an amazing italian store in the Chelsea Market. I will no doubt bring back some for my dad next time I go home to visit.
I make a double batch so my sister and I can eat for a whole week! There are a few secret ingredients of my own, which I add in at the end, which I can't reveal until I have the next cook off with my dad. Buon appetito!

Featured Ingredients
San Marzano Tomatoes (Whole Peeled)
Tutti Calabria Wild Dried Oregano

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