Monday, March 9, 2009

Go Green

I know I've blogged Dim Sum Go Go before but we've been doing a bit of a double dim sum marathon for the past two weekends, comparing GoGo and a new find Red Egg. We had a vegetarian with us so we decided to do the entire thing sans-meat... well, almost, I always treat myself to a tasty steamed pork bun =) We ordered the cilantro and chive rice noodles that you see here, which I actually liked WAY better than the usual shrimp one I tend to get. Aesthetically I'm really interested in food all of the same or similar colour. The best one was the dumplings called "Green Dumplings" that you see here in the white, not green wrapper. They are filled with amazing little pickles veggies and they were super unique and tasty! The one complaint was that we ordered the galan with garlic off the menu which is really tasty, but not worth the price! It was $16 for that plate of veggies! It really blew our cheap dim sum idea out the window, so really annoyed about that! Go Go should fix that price YO!

Dim Sum Go Go
5 E. Broadway (at Chatham Sq.)
New York, NY 10038

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